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Auf der Suche nach 'nem neuen Kick? Put your head in the game Lenovo VR Classroom, ein vollständiges Set für Unterricht und Lernen, verändert die Art und Weise, wie Schüler lernen, indem es sie direkt in die Umgebungen, in denen sie lernen, eintauchen lässt. Es ist 1 Uhr mittags an einem Dienstag. Du hast gerade einen unangekündigten Sozialkundetest hinter dich gebracht. Jetzt starrst du unerschrocken einem Jaguar in die weit aufgerissenen Augen. ClassVR's standalone headset is fully classroom ready. No additional mobile device is needed, the headset delivers a fully immersive VR experience whilst being wirelessly managed and controlled by our innovative ClassVR Teacher Portal. It has been designed for students of all ages. View the headset & accessories >

Das Lenovo VR Classroom Kit enthält alles, was Sie für atemberaubende Lernmöglichkeiten für Schüler ab 13 Jahren benötigen. Dieses innovative System bietet umfassende Inhalte und Benutzerfreundlichkeit. Es ist in Kits mit 3, 16 und 24 Headsets erhältlich. Ein Erweiterungspaket mit 6 Headsets ist ebenfalls verfügbar Virtual Reality (VR) in the classroom offers the chance for teachers to explore and enhance their lessons in multiple educational subjects. It can offer Skills training, Immersive experiences, Empathy training, motivation, problems solving and critical thinking all in a first person perspective

Lenovo VR Classroom 2 is transforming immersive education by making it easier than ever to get started and keep your students in sync. Lenovo empowers teachers and administrators to easily integrate virtual reality lessons and field trips into their curriculum, leading to inspiration and meaningful learning outcomes The school set up a VR lab where the four classrooms, totaling about 150 students, could use the VR equipment. For the first two weeks, the teachers learned about the VR technology, developed strategies for integrating it into their curriculum and tested the equipment. On the third week, teachers began using VR with their students Lenovo VR Classroom, a complete kit designed for teaching and learning, is changing the way students learn by immersing them directly into the environments they're studying. It's 1 p.m. on a Tuesday. You just finished a pop quiz in social studies class. Now, you're staring down a wide-eyed jaguar and dodging furry kinkajous leaping through the treetops of the Amazon rainforest. What. The sheer novelty of using VR will engage your students in the most mundane topics. While VR is not meant to replace all forms of teaching (or even normal videos), it does give the student certain affordances not found in other media. The use of VR in the classroom is still in the experimental phase and is by no means mainstream yet

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Implementing VR in the College Classroom Between spring 2019 and winter 2020, our team designed and developed the VR app and then implemented it in the classroom. During the design and development phase, stakeholders carefully reviewed the existing biopsychology curriculum to identify opportunities where VR could best serve the needs of learners Virtual Reality Classroom Standard Pack. VR for Education. The kit includes: 10, 20 or 30 Student Mobile VR Devices preloaded with RobotLAB Expeditions V2.0. Content by. Multi port Device Chargers. 1 Teacher Tablet. 1 5Ghz WiFi Router. 1 Transport case

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  1. VR classrooms have revolutionized the dynamics of learning and have set new rubrics. A whole new era of learning has been developed by the introduction and implementation of VR classrooms. VR classrooms are just a touch away from the learners sitting in the beds inside their homes
  2. The VR Classroom is an ongoing project for the creation of a semi-realistic classroom environment. The project's aim is to create classroom behavioral scenerios for use by the College of Education at Northeastern State University
  3. VR Classroom. Sangar Zucchi Educational. Everyone. 10. Add to Wishlist. Install. Submit yourself in an immersive virtual reality classroom with a 360-degree video and a questionnaire for studying. Read more. Collapse. Reviews Review policy and info. 3.8. 10 total. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Loading What's New. New questions New classroom Credits 360 OER coordinator: Dr. Alexandra Okada Graphic design.
  4. Mit dem CyberClassroom geben wir Ihnen ein flexibles Tool zur Unterrichtserweiterung an die Hand. Die digitale Lernumgebung bestehend aus Virtual Reality (VR)-Lernmodulen ermöglicht es, Unsichtbares sichtbar zu machen und tiefere Einblicke in Lerninhalte zu schaffen.. Komplexe Themen werden mit Hilfe von interaktiven 3D-Echtzeit-Lerneinheiten immersiv erlebbar und begreifbar gemacht
  5. g industry. When you enter a game, you are connected to other gamers for fights, exploration, challenges, and collaborations
  6. The Lenovo VR Classroom kit includes everything needed to create awe-inspiring learning opportunities for students age 13 and up. This innovative system is content-rich and easy to use, and it is available in 3-headset, 16-headset, and 24-headset kits. Expansion pack available with an additional 6 headsets. Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydrea
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ENGAGE supports iOS iPhones and iPads, Android phones, Desktop PC, and almost all VR devices on the market today. VIRTUAL COMMUNICATIONS MADE REAL. ENGAGE is an advanced communications platform. Ideal for collaboration, education, simulated training and virtual events. ENGAGE is trusted by fortune 500 companies and used globally as an alternative to video based communications. OUR CLIENTS. Finden Sie perfekte Stock-Fotos zum Thema Vr Classroom sowie redaktionelle Newsbilder von Getty Images. Wählen Sie aus erstklassigen Inhalten zum Thema Vr Classroom in höchster Qualität Nach der VR-Brille Mirage Solo stellt Lenovo mit dem VR Classroom 2 ein immersives VR-Gesamtpaket zur Integration von VR in der Bildung in Schulen vor. Lenovo VR Classroom 2 mit Lenovo Mirage VR S3-Brille. Im Paket enthalten ist eine Lenovo Mirage VR S3 mit einer Auflösung von 1.920 mal 2.160 Pixel pro Auge bei einer Bildwiederholrate von 75 Hz. Das Sichtfeld beträgt 110 Grad. Diese Werte.

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The VR Classroom. 94 likes. VR-Classroom LTU We are a group of students that will develop a VR-Classroom for kids from 1st to 6th Grade. This is for the course D7017E at LTU Lenovo 10e Chromebook Tablet. The all-new Lenovo VR Classroom 2 is expected to be available this Spring 2020. Most people are aware that there are many courses available to take online Therefore, with VR in the classroom, teachers will be able to devote their attention to bridging individual gaps in learning and help the classroom grow as a whole. Deepen understanding. While VR is exciting and has the necessary wow factor to engage young learners who are products of the digital age, the sustained use of VR in the classroom will be driven by its ability to help students.

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  1. Updated August 02, 2019 - Dom Barnard Virtual reality (VR) has potential to take learning beyond the traditional classroom or online learning experience. With benefits such as enhanced engagement, improved retention, and the ability to block out distractions, this simulation-based technology is being predicted as one of the leading trends in the educational industry
  2. When looking at developers or companies to help you bring your VR classroom to life, you should look for ones that specialize in developing for HTC VIVE hardware using UE4. This will ensure your scenario has the realism to be most effective in training your employees. Putting It All Together . While adding or implementing VR training may seem like a daunting task, in reality, it's relatively.
  3. Lenovo VR Classroom 1: Übersicht. SHOP SUPPORT. PC Rechenzentrum Mobiltelefon: Lenovo Mobiltelefon: Motorola Smart Ersatzteile My Account / Argentina Australia Austria Bangladesh Belarus Belgium Bolivia Brazil.
  4. VR Classroom: Enhancing Learning Experience with Virtual Class Rooms Abstract: Virtual reality technologies are promising to effectively enhance our daily experiences. Enhancing learning experiences with virtual reality technologies is one of important directions to make the technologies change our daily lifestyle, because students in classes need not gather together in the same location.
  5. Headsets in the classroom: how VR is changing the way we learn. Virtual reality (VR) has been around for a while now, and in many ways has kind of faded into the background. TechRadar and PC Gamer.
  6. Engaging VR and AR educational content for students of all ages. Introducing a whole new concept in educational technology: a 'standalone' Virtual Reality headset complete with a unique student-friendly interface, gesture controls, embedded educational resources and simple-to-use teacher controls. ClassVR is a groundbreaking new technology.

VR classroom environment. The VR classroom environment was based on an experimental platform that simulated a normal classroom with virtual reality technology, referred to as VR classroom.Figure 1c and d provides the examples of the two presentation formats in the VR classroom condition. Participants in the VR classroom condition learned with electronic slideshows on the projection screen in. VR and AR increasing students' experience of study. Let us know how we can implement VR classroom in the school in this year only. Contact Info. Incubation Center, Ganpat University, Kherva - 384012. Gujarat, India +91 9104721435. school@fotonvr.com. Follow Us. Home; VR labs in Schools; Blog; Contact Us ; Home; VR labs in Schools; Blog; Contact Us; Home; VR labs in Schools; Blog; Contact Us.

The VR Classroom consists three essential parts: VR headsets, online teaching system, and VR library. Standalone VR headsets are perfectly designed for multiple students immersive learning experience with no wires attached, no smartphone needed, and also do not rely on high performance computer. The viewing experience is nothing that any cardboard/plastic goggle box can compare. Online. AR superimposes information on our world through the use of a device; VR—a computer-generated environment in which we can interact and be immersed—is typically done with VR goggles and allows you to see a different world or space with 360-degree vision. These new tools may seem futuristic, but we are already living in the world of AR and VR The first is a classroom setup in which a VR system is hooked up to a powerful PC and is used by one student at a time. Or multiple VR headsets can be synced wirelessly so all the students can experience the same thing. The other option is to take VR out of the classroom and offer decentralized education. Since this requires hardware for the students and a good internet connection, this is a.

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10 Ideas Google Cardboard VR In The Classroom by Cassie M December 11, 2017 Thinking of how to get your students scheduled for a school trip to the Smithsonian to see some old airplanes or some of the sculptures of Sacajawea, why not go ahead and just show them what it feels like to fly in an old airplane or show them the old forests and rapids Sacajawea and Clark climbed in their expedition I intend to put the footage into my first Captivate project 360° in the classroom. I will be posting all my work around the theme of 360° Croydon The main reason I have chosen it is because the landscape is about to change drastically Integrating VR into Classrooms and Curricula. Virtual reality has been around for decades, and the most studied use case is learning. But most research on learning has occured in the laboratory. How will VR work as a part of an actual curriculum in classrooms and other informal settings? In a mixed-methods approach we are conducting lab, field. Twenty-first century classrooms will be technologically advanced places of learning, with VR technology significantly increasing students' engagement and learning. VR experiences will inspire a whole new generation of young and bright students, ready to innovate and change the world With the Expeditions app, through the use of VR and AR, teachers are no longer limited by the space of the classroom. VR lets you explore the world virtually while AR brings abstract concepts to.

This is a VR app for primary school students or middle school students. 11. Number Hunt. This VR app in your math class is really fun and engaging. In a playful way, students go on a virtual adventure to find numbers and shoot them so they learn to add, multiply, divide, and subtract. Let your students battle each other in your VR classroom corner Limiting VR education sessions to a couple of minutes as part of a longer lesson plan can address this issue. Know When to Use VR in the Classroom. VR can bring academic subjects to life, offering students new insights and refreshing perspectives. But VR can't replace human interaction. Learning is fundamentally a social experience, so VR is. Update: 19.01.2020. Möglicherweise handelt es sich bei der VR-Brille um die Lenovo Mirage VR S3, die in Lenovos Bildungs-Paket VR Classroom 2 enthalten ist. Die autarke VR-Brille besitzt demnach eine Auflösung pro Auge von 1.920 mal 2.160 Pixel, die Bildwiederholrate liegt bei 75 Hz. Das Sichtfeld beträgt 110 Grad

Lenovo VR Classroom 2: K-12 Edition mit Lenovo Mirage VR S3 (20UU, 20UT) können Lehrer und Administratoren die virtuelle Realität einfach und flexibel in ihren Lehrplan integrieren, was zu Inspiration, Engagement der Schüler und aussagekräftigen Lernergebnissen führt. Sehen Sie sich unser Video an: Lenovo VR Classroom 2: K-12 Edition. Try VR In Your Classroom. These are some of the practical applications of VR in K-12 classrooms. Whether you are reticent to employ it or are eager to convince your school district to become an adopter, these uses should spark some inspiration. As it becomes more widely adopted, new applications and hardware will further expand these horizons. Stay aware of these advancements and take full. VR Classroom 2 offers students and teachers a visually and audibly isolated environment to fully engage with instructional materials that come with preloaded content, classroom management, training, and device support. Their focus has been to provide something simple for IT to set up so that teachers and students can get started without needing a lot of steps in the process. IT sets.

In this experimental study, we utilized a virtual reality (VR) classroom to examine whether classroom complexity affects the likelihood of student teachers noticing disruptions and how they react. Flipped Meetings: Lessons From COVID Classrooms For Corporate America. May 17, 2021, 12:22am EDT. The Fascinating History And Evolution Of Extended Reality (XR) - Covering AR, VR And MR. Edit. 10 Reasons To Use Virtual Reality In The Classroom. by TeachThought Staff. Although still an emerging technology in terms of recognizing its full potential, virtual reality offers the opportunity to step into places, roles, and experiences that were previously impossible, or at the very least, inaccessible to most The Lenovo VR Classroom 2 is a 3DOF VR headset featuring a 110° field of view, Qualcomm 835 SOC processor, and up to 256GB storage. It not quite up to par with other standalone devices, such as the Oculus Quest, the Classroom 2 still manages to deliver engaging educational experiences perfect for the classroom. The headset features a simple lightweight design composed of sanitizable parts.

Hello and welcome to the Lenovo Community! In: VR Classroom Software, Content, and Educator Resources. 2415. 1. by Andy_Lenovo. 2020-07-01, 10:10 AM. Gen. 1 Using Radix MDM Tool - Remote Launching of 3D Wild Immersion Video on Mirage Solo Headset. In: VR Classroom Software, Content, and Educator Resources. 3888 The Google Expeditions VR Classroom Kit 10 Student Pack includes 10 VR headsets and student devices, a router, a rolling case, tablet, and charging stations. This is an all-in-one solution in terms of both software and hardware for Google Expeditions and VR lessons in the classroom. The Google Expeditions mobile application will no longer be supported as of June 2021. To continue using the. plz like and comment :)Footage from: https://www.twitch.tv/rubberninjaEdited by:https://twitter.com/SmeetheNationIntro Animation:https://twitter.com/doigswif.. Make AR & VR in the classroom. Get started for FREE Download the brochure (pdf) Easily build in 3D with kid-friendly creation tools Bring the Wow! into the classroom. Engage and captivate your students to enhance their digital literacy skills. License plans. Get started for free or create with no limits. Free Sign up. Yearly fee View pricing. No need to download or install anything on your.

Classroom Schools Face Barriers to VR Adoption in the Classroom. Cost and a lack of familiarity with VR tools are among the reasons K-12 institutions have resisted VR-assisted instruction. by . Shailaja Neelakantan. Listen Pause I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand is a Chinese saying that speaks to the wisdom and hope educators have about how revolutionary. Learning with a VR headset. The experience of using a VR headset is unique, offering each individual learner an experience like no other.. However, this is the most expensive option for schools to consider, with a VR headset costing around £194, then multiply that by the number of children in your school or classroom!. Some VR headsets can also be fairly heavy, meaning they could be difficult. Read writing about Remote Learning in AR & VR in the classroom. We explore how Virtual and Augmented Reality can be used in schools for project-based learning (PBL) and increased student engagement. The user-friendly AR & VR creation platform, CoSpaces Edu is a reappearing star guest on this blog

This video will help you get started with Lenovo VR Classroom 2 by showing what is included inside the Lenovo Mirage VR S3 headset packaging and walking thro.. Lenovo VR Classroom 2: K-12 Edition - Overview - Lenovo Support US. Support Lenovo empowers teachers and administrators to easily integrate virtual reality lessons and field trips into their curriculum, leading to inspiration and meaningful learning outcomes. Lenovo VR Classroom 2: Monthly Webinars. To register click: Ignite and Inpsire VR Learning. Select one of the Lenovo VR Classroom solutions for more information. With VR and AR, teachers are no longer limited by the space of the classroom. VR lets you explore the world virtually while AR brings abstract concepts to life—allowing teachers to guide students through collections of 360° scenes and 3D objects, pointing out interesting sites and artifacts along the way. Minimal setup for maximum engagement . It's never been easier to take your students. Lenovo VR Classroom 2 is a complete solution for teaching with VR, providing fully integrated hardware, content, training, and support designed specifically for middle schools and high schools. The solution comes with a new headset and content management system, as well as diverse curriculum-mapped experiences, including STEM, virtual tours, and career exploration. Lenovo VR Classroom 2 is.

VR in the Classroom. 502 likes. Virtual reality potentially opens new doors for learning, particularly if teachers can think broadly and creatively about what might be possible in terms Despite the challenges associated with using VR and AR in the classroom and the dearth of research in this area, teachers have been able to integrate these technologies into their curricula in successful and innovative ways. The Joan Ganz Cooney Center queried 15 pre-K to grade 8 teachers through questionnaires and interviews to learn more about how they use VR and AR in their classrooms VR Classroom 2 is supported by Lenovo Integrated Solutions Support (LISS), providing end-to-end support from expert technicians and engineers. LISS provides Lenovo customers with support for their entire Lenovo solution, including a dedicated phone line for access to a team of technical experts and engineers. Lenovo states that it is partnering with software developers and content creators to. Lenovo VR Classroom 1: Overview. SHOP SUPPORT. PC Data Center Mobile: Lenovo Mobile: Motorola Smart Service Parts COMMUNITY. Blog Forums.

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Classroom VR has evolved from a gimmick to entertain students, to a bonafide audiovisual learning method. The most important aspects of using education VR are the hardware and the software. On this page we will focus on the best VR headsets for in the classroom, and we will address how this connects to the selection of educational content. We also discussed how to use VR Sync to start teaching. Using VR for classroom management. VR is a great bargaining chip and can be an effective way of reinforcing positive behaviour. In addition, depending on what VR app you decide to use, the app itself can be an effective method of managing behaviour. Google Expeditions for example, gives the teacher the power to pause VR experiences, so that students that aren't listening or paying attention.

A Virtual Classroom builds in the interactive features of your physical classroom; just in a different way. You may have seen the Bitmoji Classrooms swirling around social media. They are cute for sure. They add a bit of fun and flair to a digital environment; bringing a piece of school to students. Teachers are uploading them as their Google Classroom headers as a way to personalize the. Although this might seem like a futurist's idea of the science classroom, it's not. These experiences, along with thousands of additional synthetic realities, are forming the foundation of today's educational application of virtual reality. Since the 2014 release of Google Cardboard, VR has expanded from the bastion of high-tech laboratories and financially-exclusive amusement pods to a.

An alternative VR solution who focuses on enhancing education in the classroom is Veative. The multi-award-winning solution (Best in Show at ISTE) has key features, such as classroom and content management. With Veative, educators can control which lessons students experience, plus you'll be able to track student progress. Veative has a VR education platform that has curriculum aligned. Class VR Features. The Class VR system is the first fully dedicated end too end classroom VR and AR system. It comprises of a standalone headset, a storage and charging unit, pre-installed 360 degree images and videos, a classroom management and control portal and the ability for schools to upload their now content. Explore more below TeachVR is an complete solution for virtual reality in education. Find, create, share and present your own VR lessons with 360º photos and videos. TeachVR offers a valuable contribution for the learning process. Affordable online platform to easily create, share and present VR lessons. A set with VR glasses and a 360 ° camera that you can.

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Example of VR in the classroom. For example: if you are a history teacher then your students may have the opportunity to explore a historic building or era in time such as Ancient Greece. They will be able to walk around a Greek city, e.g. Athens, and explore various aspects, often by using touch via the data glove. This is a great way of learning about day to day life in Ancient Greece which. VR in the Classroom. Posted on August 8, 2016 August 8, 2016 by Lab Posted in Instruction, Planning & Preparation. Virtual reality is now within the reach of normal classroom budgets (where students have their own cell phones). You can order the Google Cardboard VR for a mere $20: Google Cardboard . Brilliant idea but not quite robust enough for multiple users. A little research led me to the. AR and VR Will Revolutionize the Classroom Today's education environment is increasingly offering immersive experiences that help children, teens, and adults truly enjoy the process of learning

The VR classroom is designed specifically for schools. Standalone headsets have natural gesture controls and include a vast library of content meant to make its use very easy. Till now, the factors of size and cost for acquiring headsets have kept this technology out of reach for schools and institutions. But with time, these factors don't carry any value, when immersive education is the. Find and upload your own VR content, including 360 degree photos and videos, and build them into your own custom 'playlist' lesson. If you want to create your own 360 photos and video, check out our ClassCam, a great 360 camera designed for the classroom, with a simple way to upload your content to ClassVR the classroom, VR has the potential to help students deeply connect with the material (p.40). There are no distracting classroom windows to stare out of when students are directly immersed into the topic they are investigating. This level of immersion also has the benefit of helping students make real world connections between the subject matter and their own lives. VR video content can. Our Virtual Reality Classroom Advanced Pack includes high-quality standalone VR headsets that will significantly improve users' experience. No cables, phone or PC is required to experience immersive classes. Equipped with the latest technology available, the headset understands user's movements in space without the need to set up external. VR technology in the classroom is particularly useful in anatomy studies. It allows an in-depth view of critical biological systems such as the circulatory system, digestive system, and others. It allows precise dissection and study of animals at a level previously unattainable. VR technology works in conjunction with allied software such as Autocad, providing detailed models of biological.

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Those are just some of the questions Foundry 10 asked teachers and students in their VR in Education Pilot Program. Foundry 10: Students & VR Research. In 2015, Foundry 10, an educational non-profit based in Seattle, launched a pilot project to study the impact and student sentiment towards the use of virtual reality in their classroom and. VEXcode VR Download Classroom VR, and start studying now having fun! Learning has never been so easy and fun! Characteristics: - Immersion of different environments for learning. - Virtual whiteboard for writing, drawing, teaching, etc. -Different pre-established subjects: - Learn by visualizing 360 Muscles and Bones in a setting VR Can Stop Classroom Smartphone Distraction. According to the study, results of which were published in the Journal of Medical Education, students spent a fifth of their time in the classroom. VR Online Classroom Template. 1/2. Overview Package Content Releases Reviews. Report this asset. VR Online Classroom Template. C. ChiliGames. 5. 3 Reviews. $59. Seats. Updated price and taxes/VAT calculated at checkout. Refund policy. This asset is covered by the Unity Asset Store Refund Policy. Please see section 2.9.3 of the EULA for details. Securely checkout with: License agreement.

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More educators are doing just that by bringing VR and gamification into the classroom and transporting students into immersive learning environments. The adoption of VR as a learning tool began with training scenarios, most notably the flight simulator. One of the most influential uses, flight simulators allowed the training of a large number of pilots in a safe, controlled environment. As. The Lenovo VR Classroom kit includes everything needed to create awe-inspiring learning opportunities for students age 13 and up. This innovative system is content-rich and easy to use, and it is available in 3-headset, 16-headset, and 24-headset kits. Expansion pack available with an additional 6 headsets. Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydream Students are free to explore. This is the heart of the. VR started off as an enthusiast's tool, but Lenovo is looking to bring affordable VR to the classroom so kids can learn in new and exciting ways, offering a significantly richer hands-on. VR, AR, and AI are super versatile and serve as valuable resources for the classroom. The new breakthrough in AR/VR technology will prove to be a game-changer in future education. Harnessing these tools can empower and boost students' learning and offers promising opportunities to transform education to virtually anytime and anywhere in or outside of the physical classroom . Learning By. Search from Vr Classroom stock photos, pictures and royalty-free images from iStock. Find high-quality stock photos that you won't find anywhere else Step into the world of VR. Discovering and exploring 3D creations in VR can add value to the learning experience and is a major motivation factor, as it enables students to get immersed in their creations. Use a VR headset with CoSpaces Edu and let the class dive into their projects! VR tech check. c-chevron-right

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